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Slipstick CB643 / 3” Lift Glow in the Dark Bed Risers / Furniture Risers

Raise your bed/furniture, create extra storage space and easily find your bed in the dark with Slipstick Glow in the dark bed risers!

No more wandering through the dark and bumping into things searching for your bed, these premium Glow risers make locating your bed with the lights off quick and easy!

Specially designed to Glow in the dark all night (like a dim night light), they also scare away monsters hiding under the bed or in the closet. Adults and kids will love these.

If you need extra storage or to raise the height of a piece of furniture this product could be an inexpensive and effective solution.

The Slipstick risers will raise the height of beds, desks, couches, tables, bedroom furniture, and other heavy objects by 76mm / 3 inches.

These stylish 76mm / 3” Glow in the Dark risers can create extra storage underneath beds and will make cleaning underneath furniture a lot easier (great for robotic vacuums) Fantasic for kids rooms.Set of 4 Glow in the Dark Bed Risers

The recessed holder cup on top of each riser is padded with memory foam and is designed to firmly lock in castor wheels, bed legs and furniture feet that are between 31.75mm / 1-1/4” to 76mm / 3” in diameter.

4 heavy duty risers can securely hold up to 900kg / 2,000 pounds (225kg / 500 pounds per raiser)

Safe on all floor types, each riser features 3 small gripper dots on bottom to prevent sliding on smooth surfaces as well as protecting your floors from damage.

Other colours available: Pink, Blue, White and Brown

Price Per Pack of 4 $29.95 

Quantity :

 If you would like more info go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


To watch Bed Riser informational and how to videos click this link 

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